POE Advisory Group

NGS Provider Experience. Our Pledge: Innovative solutions, meaningful education, reduced burden

Mission and Charter

National Government Services Provider Outreach and Education Advisory Group Charter

National Government Services serves as the MAC for J6 Part A/Part B and JK Part A/Part B as well as the Home Health and Hospice MAC for J6 and JK.

We maintain six POE AGs:

  • JK Part A POE AG
  • JK Part B POE AG
  • J6 Part A POE AG (including FQHCs from all states)
  • J6 Part B POE AG
  • J6 and JK Home Health POE AG
  • J6 and JK Hospice POE AG

Mission Statement

Each POE AG shall be the primary communications vehicle between the provider/supplier community and NGS.

By maintaining an ongoing and open working relationship between the provider/supplier community and NGS, a higher level of trust and credibility will be established to promote more effective communication and better serve the Medicare community.


The primary function of each POE AG is to assist the contractor in the creation, implementation, and review of provider education strategies and efforts. Each POE AG shall be used as a provider education consultant resource and not as an approval or sanctioning authority.

POE AG members will provide advice, feedback, and recommendations to NGS in relation to POE matters, including:

  • Training materials (solicitation, evaluation, and review of new/updated education)
  • Training subjects (identify important topics needed for education)
  • Dates and locations of provider education workshops and events (appropriate venues)
  • Website information (enhancements, clarifications, job aids, etc.)
  • Self-service tools such as the NGSConnex portal, and IVR (information/enhancements)
  • Effective means to disseminate information to all appropriate providers and their staff
  • Computer-based training/webinar (topics)

POE AG Meetings and Membership

Each NGS office is responsible for coordinating and conducting three to four POE AG meetings each year for each of its POE AGs (via teleconference, webinar, or face-to-face) with additional meetings as needed. The POE AG will consist of members that represent key groups from the provider community that represent geographic and/or specialty diversity. Meetings are for NGS staff and POE AG members only.

  • Provider membership may be rotated every two years, with some members rotating off each year so that many more providers will have the opportunity to participate.
  • All travel and related expenses of members are the sole responsibility of the member.
  • Meetings will be scheduled at the beginning of the year for the next calendar year.
  • A reminder will be sent four to six weeks before each meeting and may include an RSVP so that NGS will know who will be attending.
  • Documents discussed during the meeting will be emailed to members and/or placed on a hidden link prior to the meeting.
  • Minutes from each meeting will be sent to all members, and posted to the POE AG section of the website within 30 business days following the meeting.
  • The content of the meeting will be based on education strategies and efforts.
  • Providers who wish to become a member of the POE AG should email their request to a POE Manager below, include your name, your facility/provider name or organization, as well as your contact information:
Line of Business POE Managers POE Advisory Group Coordinators

J6 and JK Part B


James Bavoso

Lori J. Langevin (JK)

Christine Obergfell (J6)

J6 and JK Part A, FQHC

Michael D. Davis

Christine Janiszcak (Part A JK)

Jean Roberts (Part A J6 and FQHC)

J6 and JK HH+H

Emily Fox-Squairs


Shelly Dailey

Christa Shipman Christa.Shipman@ElevanceHealth.com

Erin Musumeci Erin.Musumeci@ElevanceHealth.com