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Providers Using NGSConnex to Submit Appeals and Supporting Documentation

We strongly recommend our providers use NGSConnex to submit your redetermination requests and any supporting documentation. Please be aware that if you do not submit supporting documentation for your requests, we will make our decision using only the information we have on file. This may result in unfavorable decision(s).

To help expedite the processing of your redetermination requests, please follow the below guidelines when using NGSConnex to submit your redetermination requests and supporting documentation:

  • Submit only documentation relevant to the specific services/dates in your redetermination request and
  • Submit as few attachments as possible. You can combine multiple supporting documents in each attachment. By doing so, you will maximize the use of each attachment’s size (25 MBs) and minimize the number of attachments we receive per redetermination request. It is not necessary to submit a separate attachment for each supporting document.

For additional information on appeals submission within NGSConnex, refer to the Appeals chapter in the NGSConnex User Guide.

Please share this information with the staff at your facility who submit redetermination requests.

Posted 4/20/2023