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DDE Logon ID and Password Reminders

CMS’ information security policy strictly prohibits the sharing or loaning of Medicare assigned IDs and passwords. Users should take appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized disclosure or modification of assigned IDs and passwords. Violation of this policy will result in revocation of all methods of system access, including but not limited to EDI front-end access or Enterprise Data Center, Resource Access Control Facility (EDC RACF) user access.

Important Reminder: Your password will expire every 30 days. To avoid calling the EDI Help Desk for a password reset, you must logon to FSS0 and access a region at least once every 29 days. Only checking eligibility will not prevent your account from being revoked.

Attention: If you are using an automated auto login system, please ensure that the program is checking for a good completion after the logon to avoid connection failures (violations). NGS forbids the use of any logon scripts by EDI providers unless they possess logic to halt all logons after three attempts.

Posted 3/23/2023