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Credit Balance Report Reminder for Jurisdiction 6 Part A Providers

For the quarter ending 12/31/2022, CBR must be submitted and received by the ORU by 3/1/2023 to be considered timely. Failure to submit the CBR will result in the provider being placed on 100% payment withholding beginning 3/2/2023.

There are two options for submitting the CBR.

  • NGSConnex​​​​​​​


The easiest and fastest way to submit your CBR is through NGSConnex, where you can manually enter or upload the CMS-838 details (all 15 columns). Complete a certification page with the middle box checked and all 10 fields of the certification page.

FISS/DDE users who submit the CMS-838 detail page directly over the FISS/DDE provider online system must fax the certification page separately to us. Please include an email address on the fax cover sheet so that our ORU can contact you if there are questions or issues with your submission. This email address should be one that is for someone who is easily accessible and knowledgeable about your CBR submission.

Only those credits for which the amount due to Medicare has not been recouped through the claim adjustment process as of the last day of the quarter should be reported on the CMS-838 detail page. Do not submit CD or diskettes with a CMS-838 detail page.

If no monies are owed to Medicare for this quarter, you must still complete and submit a certification page with the bottom box checked to certify that no monies are owed.

Check our website for more detailed instructions on submitting your CBR. From the home page select Overpayments > Submit a Quarterly Credit Balance Report.

​​​​​​​Posted 2/27/2023