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Improving Customer Experience

We are committed to improving your experience. Please watch this two-minute video that explains how each day we review comments from providers who submit surveys to let us know what is working well and how we can improve. Here are some improvements we made throughout 2022:

Improved our website:

  • Added ‘Production Alert’ Icon to our home page for easy access
  • Added a new ‘Provider Enrollment Application Fee Decision Tree’ tool
  • Added a new ‘Prior Authorization Exemption Status Inquiry’ tool
  • Added the provider’s jurisdiction based on the line of business and state selected
  • Improved navigation for ‘Contact Us’ information
  • Improved usability and navigation for Medical Policies/LCDs
  • Improved the Provider Events page search feature
  • Enhanced field descriptions on the ‘Fee Schedule Lookup’ tool
  • Expanded website ‘News’ search to three years

Improved our NGSConnex portal:

  • Implemented a new modernized NGSConnex portal
  • Added the ability to respond to Claim ADRs
  • Enhanced our MR ADR functionality
  • Increased the font size on the ‘Printable View’ for Eligibility and RA
  • Improved the Part B Claim Submission feature
  • Added links to frequently-referenced helpful tools
  • Expanded inactivity timeout period

Thank you for your feedback and we looking forward to continuing to improve your experience in 2023.

Posted 1/17/2023