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Proper Steps for Notice of Admission Cancel/Resubmission

The purpose of the NOA is to open a new admission period for a home health beneficiary. There are few circumstances when the home health NOA must be canceled and resubmitted to correct the original submission; however, when errors are made there are steps an HHA must follow to cancel and resubmit the NOA in order to correct the ‘Admission,’ ‘From,’ or ‘Through (To)’ date, or correct the beneficiary information.

When an HHA realizes the NOA original submission needs to be corrected by submitting a 32D to cancel, and then submitting an accurate 32A, the cancel is done as soon as the error is discovered and the new, corrected NOA is submitted (typically) within two business days. This is the appropriate process if no claims for the admission period have yet been submitted/processed.

Once claims are submitted for the open admission period, those claims must be canceled before attempting to submit the cancel NOA (32D). If the NOA was submitted with incorrect information, all claims submitted following that admission period would be incorrect, so all claims must be canceled prior to submitting the 32D. Once the correct 32A is submitted and processed, the provider may resubmit the claims for the admission period. 

Please be sure to follow the proper billing protocol to help facilitate accurate and timely processing.

Posted 11/14/2022