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Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General Telehealth and Potential Fraud

The DHHS, of whom the CMS reports to, published a brief last week from the OIG regarding telehealth and the PHE expansion of services. The article addresses the increase in telehealth services that are being rendered to beneficiaries and the concern for potential fraud as a result of this change.

In the article, the OIG indicates that the expansion of telehealth during this time has been critical to maintain beneficiaries’ access to care. However, they also urge beneficiaries and providers alike to be on the lookout for exploitation and potential fraud situations. The article advises everyone to be aware of prevalent schemes to commit fraud and abuse to the Medicare system.

We are providing this information to raise awareness. Please take a few moments and review the article Telehealth on the OIG website.

Posted 8/1/2022