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(UPDATE) Pricing Change Delay for HCPCS Code G2066

In National Government Services’ long-time commitment to be responsive to the Medicare community, we have decided to delay our 7/1/2022 HCPCS code G2066 pricing changes.

By 8/31/2022 all parties should submit detailed, credible, valid and verifiable financial information to support any change in G2066 pricing. We would expect that any such data would be supportable by claims data. Please submit this information to by 8/31/2022.
In addition, we have noticed that some states have an extraordinary number of services, compared not only to national Medicare figures, but other states in particular. Thus, we need a detailed explanation of why this is occurring, not merely “because we give great services.” 
We will evaluate these figures and determine an interim G2066 pricing in October 2022, and a decision will be made then concerning the transition of G2066 pricing.

Revised 7/13/2022