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Attention Ambulance Suppliers: Important Information on Claim Denials

If you are billing claims with either A0426 or A0428, please continue to read. National Government Services has been receiving electronic claims with the 2300 REF segment (G1 qualifier) for prior authorization, however, the value entered in REF02 is a ZIP code. This segment is intended for the UTN for RSNAT claims. Regardless of whether your claim is for RSNAT transportation or not, the ZIP code for all ambulance claims should be placed in 2310E. The REF02 segment is solely intended for the UTN number. Claims submitted with the ZIP code in the REF02 segment will result in a denial.

For 1500 claim form submissions, the UTN is submitted in the first 14 positions in item 23. All other data submitted in item 23 must begin in position 15.

NGS is requesting ambulance suppliers work with their vendors/clearinghouse to ensure only the UTN is in the REF02 segment.

Posted 6/27/2022