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National Government Services Proposed LCDs For Comment

The proposed LCDs listed below are being presented for comment for the Jurisdiction 6 and Jurisdiction K MACs. The formal comment period extends from 6/9/2022 through 7/23/2022.

These proposed LCDs will be presented at the virtual NGS LCD Open Meeting (open to the public), held by teleconference/webinar on 6/29/2022.

For all details of phone/webinar access, please access the link above.

Comments on the proposed LCDs can be submitted to the address listed at the end the Proposed/Draft Process Information section of the LCD. Each LCD also has a Billing and Coding article attached by a link at the end of the LCD. Comments must be accompanied by a Conflict of Interest Disclosure.

Proposed LCDs

DL37733 - Biomarker Testing for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis
DL33394 - Coverage of Drugs and Biologicals for Label and Off-Label Uses
DL39314 - Off-Label Use of Intravenous Immune Globulin (IVIG)
DL39297 - Off-label Use of Rituximab and Rituximab Biosimilars