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Increased Volume of Appeal Status Inquiries

National Government Services has seen an increase in pending reopenings and redetermination levels, resulting in cases being completed beyond the 60 calendar-day timeframe. We are sharing some helpful tips and reminders to help avoid further processing delays.

We have found providers are filing a second appeal request with additional information that was not submitted on the original appeal, please be informed, that is not appropriate. Wait until you have all the information needed to submit with your request for redetermination at the time you submit it.

To avoid a duplicate submission we recommend that you check the status of your request before submitting a new one. As a reminder, only one redetermination request should be submitted for any type of consideration. This will allow us to process requests timely.

Our secure online provider portal, NGSConnex offers the following transactions:

  • Submit appeals electronically.
  • Upload supporting documentation.
    • Also available after you’ve submitted the request in NGSConnex, as long as the appeal decision has not been rendered.
  • Check the status of your reopening/redetermination request, regardless of the method of submission.

Using NGSConnex to submit appeals will save you both time and money. Detailed step-by-step instructions on how to initiate redetermination and reopening requests and check the status of redetermination and reopening requests in NGSConnex are available in the NGSConnex User Guide.

Posted 4/18/2022