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Save the Dates! National Government Services 2022 Spring Virtual Conference!
Medicare for You

5/11/2022 – 5/12/2022

“Seasons change, and so do we.” - Nikkiche

We also see many changes occur in Medicare. We want our provider community to have the most recent information, so we hope that you will Save the Dates for our Spring Virtual Conference, Medicare for You.

The information we are presenting during this semi-annual event will be geared toward the fundamentals of Medicare and furthering those fundamentals.

On day one, 5/11/2022, our education will focus on the fundamentals of Medicare. We will present you with education about claim submission, medical necessity, the steps that lead to proper adjudication and much more.

On day two, 5/12/2022, we will expand our focus and take you beyond the fundamentals with a higher level of Medicare instruction.

Medicare for You offers valuable information that is fundamental for you, as a provider, to submit claims with the needed information so you realize the quickest and most accurate adjudications of your Medicare claims. Fundamentals are the core building block that lead to higher success in any endeavor. It is always important to ensure you have the latest and most up to date information to help you achieve the end goal of successful Medicare outcomes.

We hope you will join us for two days of training in Medicare Part A, Part B and Self Service education that will help your practice achieve a better claim adjudication outcome.

Stay tuned for future notices regarding registration and topics that will be presented during this conference.

Posted 3/9/2022