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Improving Customer Experience in 2021

We are committed to improving your experience. Please watch this two-minute video that explains how each day we review comments from providers who submit surveys to let us know what is working well and how we can improve. This is the list of improvements we have made during the second half of 2021:

  • Improved our website:
    • Implemented a new modernized website with a consolidated homepage for access to our NGSConnex portal.
    • Enhanced search functionality
    • Improved the Provider Outreach and Education (POE) Events page readability and reorganized events to allow sort by both date and time
  • Improved our NGSConnex portal:
    • Added DSMT and MNT information to the Eligibility
    • Added Credit Balance status information for providers who submit quarterly Credit Balance reports regardless of their submission method. This eliminates the need to call Customer Service.
    • Added a new “Who’s my LSO?” feature to our combined portal and website landing page for users having difficulty logging into NGSConnex. This feature allows a currently registered non-LSO NGSConnex user to enter a User ID and email address to receive a list of associated LSOs that they can contact for assistance rather than having to call Customer Service.
    • Revised Part A PAR functionality so that providers can now indicate a PAR for a Spinal Neurostimulator is Permanent or Temporary.
    • Revised Eligibility functionality to add the COVID-19 vaccine codes

Thank you for the feedback in 2021 and we looking forward to receiving your feedback and continuing to improve your experience in 2022.

Posted 12/27/2021