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Provider Enrollment: Website Resources to Help Reduce Development on CMS Enrollment Forms

To reduce requests for additional information, National Government Services offers several provider enrollment topics, helpful tips and webinars to assist prior to submitting a paper CMS enrollment form or PECOS application. Before you submit the enrollment form, review the material using the links provided below or attend a webinar.

Provider Enrollment Topics

Enroll Using PECOS or Submit your Change Using PECOS  or Submit Revalidation Using PECOS

  • Learn About PECOS
  • Complete/Update all Topics
  • Verify and Manage Signatures

Electronic Funds Transfer Form and Instructions

  • CMS-588 EFT Completion Tips for Part B Sole Proprietors, Sole Owners, Clinic/Groups, Organizations and Suppliers
  • Voided Check or Bank Confirmation Letter

Supporting Documents

  • IRS confirming legal business name for TIN/EIN
  • National certification and/or diploma for nonphysician practitioners
  • Business license/certification
  • Voided Check or Bank Confirmation Letter

Prevent Revalidation Processing Delays

  • Ensure you met the name matching requirements
  • Common Missing or Incomplete Items

Enrollment Helpful Tips

CMS-855B Completion Tips for Ownership Interest and/or Managing Control Information

  • All Organizations and Individual must be identified

CMS-855I Completion Tips for Managing Employee Information in Section 6

  • All Individual must be identified

CMS-20134 Completion Tips for Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program Suppliers

  • General guidelines for application sections

Education Manuals, Specialties and Events

Opioid Treatment Program Medicare Enrollment and Billing Guide

  • How to become a Medicare–Enrolled OTP Supplier

Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program

  • How to become a Medicare-Enrolled MDPP Supplier


  • Provider Enrollment Revalidation Overview
  • Getting Connected to PECOS
  • Submitting Revalidations via PECOS
  • Provider Enrollment: Completing the CMS-855I Paper Application
  • Provider Enrollment: Completing the CMS-855B Paper Application
  • Let’s Chat About Provider Enrollment Revalidation
  • Provider Enrollment: Opioid Treatment Program
  • PECOS: View and Manage Reassignments through the Group Enrollment

Revised 5/16/2024