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Provider Enrollment: Website Resources to Help Reduce Development on CMS-855A Application

To reduce requests for additional information, National Government Services offers several provider enrollment topics, helpful tips and webinars to assist prior to submitting a CMS-855A paper or Internet-based PECOS application. Before you submit the CMS-855A application, review the material using the links provided below or attend a webinar.

Provider Enrollment Topics

Get Help Completing My Enrollment Application

  • Avoiding Common Errors
  • Information and Instructions on Section 5 and 6 of the CMS-855A Application

Report a Change of Ownership, Acquisition/Merger or Consolidation

  • Understand Type of CHOW
  • Make Changes via Enrollment Application
  • Claim Process and Medicare Payments
  • Understanding the “Approval Recommendation” Process

Prevent Revalidation Processing Delays

  • Ensure you met the name matching requirements
  • Common Missing or Incomplete Items

Electronic Funds Transfer Form and Instructions

  • CMS-588 EFT Completion Tips for Sole Proprietors, Sole Owners, Clinic/Groups, Organizations, Providers and Suppliers
  • Voided Check or Bank Confirmation Letter

Education Manuals, Specialties and Events

Opioid Treatment Program Medicare Enrollment and Billing Guide

  • How to become a Medicare–Enrolled OTP Supplier

Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program (CMS-20134)

  • How to become Medicare-Enrolled MDPP Supplier


  • Provider Enrollment Revalidation Overview
  • Getting Connected to PECOS
  • Submitting Revalidations via PECOS
  • Provider Enrollment: Completing the CMS-855A Paper Application
  • Let’s Chat About Provider Enrollment Revalidation
  • Provider Enrollment Opioid Treatment Program

Revised 5/15/2024