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Improving Customer Experience

We are committed to improving your experience. Please watch this two-minute video that explains how each day we review comments from providers who submit surveys to let us know what is working well and how we can improve. Here are some improvements we made in the first half of 2024:

  • Improved our website search feature to highlight the words searched for in the results list so it’s easier to see if a page is relevant.
  • Added two new fields to the Prior Authorization Summary Screen in our NGSConnex portal to capture the Decision and Decision Letter so the user sees ‘Pending’ until the decision letter is available when a ‘View Decision Letter’ link displays.
  • Launched the ability for providers to obtain a call reference number via our IVR system rather than needing to speak with a CSR.
  • Extended our EDI Enrollment LOA PIN expiration period. LOA PINs are now valid for 30 days and there is no limit on the number of times a PIN can be used.
  • Implemented our redesigned Education Events web page by displaying events in a list and showing more events on a single page.
  • Improved our website search feature to help narrow down results that return when you enter multiple words into the search box. Now when you enter multiple words in the search box, the search will only return results that contain all those words, minimizing the results to help you locate the item you need.
  • Expanded the Part B Claim Submission feature on our NGSConnex portal to allow providers to submit mammography claims with the addition of a field for mammography certification number. We also added a field on Part B Claim submission for Rendering Provider Taxonomy Code.
  • Improved the NGSConnex portal messages that display for Part B claim submission status so users can click ‘View Comments’ to see details for the edit.
  • Added a ‘sort’ option to the NGSConnex Financials/ACO feature so users can sort based on effective start and end date fields.
  • Updated our NGSConnex portal to allow providers to view remittances greater than 999 pages.
  • Launched podcasts for our Part A and Home Health and Hospice providers and included links to them on our website education tab and APPS page.
  • Enhanced our NGSConnex portal Part A Prior Authorization feature to require laterality indicator for specific codes where left, right, or bilateral indicator is required to process the request.

Thank you for your feedback, we look forward to continuing to improve your experience. 

Posted 6/18/2024