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[REVISED] Provisional Period of Enhanced Oversight for New Hospices

In an effort to reduce hospice fraud, waste and abuse, CMS is placing newly enrolling hospices located in Arizona, California, Nevada and Texas in a program called PPEO effective 7/13/2023.

Impacted hospice providers include:

  • Providers who have received final approval for Medicare enrollment on or after 7/13/2023.
  • Providers who have started the enrollment or certification process before 7/13/2023, but haven’t received a final approval letter from their MAC.
  • Providers who have received approval on a CHOW request on or after 7/13/2023.
  • PPEO will include medical review, such as prepayment review and can include oversight for 30 days up to one year. Medical review can continue after the PPEO has ended.

If your agency is placed in a PPEO, the verbiage is added into their enrollment approval/change letter.  The letter is sent to the contact person email address on file. Applications approved 1/1/2024 and after will have different verbiage but will still be located in the same place.

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Posted 2/16/2024
Revised 2/16/2024