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Improving Customer Experience

We are committed to improving your experience. Please watch this two-minute video that explains how each day we review comments from providers who submit surveys to let us know what is working well and how we can improve. Here are some improvements we made throughout 2023:

  • Launched redesigned EDI enrollment process on our website to simplify and improve efficiency.
  • Improved the search feature on our website to retain the search terms so users can easily update their search term and retry.
  • Improved the provider search feature on the portal to display the most recently selected provider accounts (NPI/PTAN) at the top of the provider search list.
  • Improved usability for portal features associated with viewing, printing, and responding to ADRs, including:
  • Modified the print view for ADRs to match the information displayed on the screen.
    • Enhanced ADR response logic to prepopulate the contact information and allow the user to edit if necessary.
    • Simplified the process for users to identify ADRs awaiting a response for Medical Review and Claims - ADR summary tab defaults to display all ADRs in ‘Awaiting Documentation’ status in the past 120 days, along with an indicator of any that are past the due date.
    • Streamlined the process for responding to ADRs.
  • Added new portal functionality to allow providers to each provider’s LSO to view and print the IRS 1099 form.
  • Improved the portal Inquiries feature to allow users to search for inquiries using the ICN for Part B or the DCN for Part A.
  • Enhanced portal eligibility details, including:
    • Added Medicare inactive begin and end dates for any periods when the beneficiary was inactive.
    • Improved Hospice eligibility information by creating a new ‘Hospice Notice of Elections’ applet and renaming the original ‘Hospice’ applet to ‘Hospice Benefit Periods’.
    • Clarified eligibility information for MSP to instruct the user to contact the primary insurer to obtain additional details when the ‘Related Diagnosis Code’ is blank.
    • Added new fields to eligibility for MSP including: ORM indicator, Last Maintenance Date, Policy Number, Group Number, Relationship Code/Description and Source Code/Description.
  • Clarified the portal onscreen messages users receive while initiating redeterminations.
  • Improved the process for users to check the status of appeals submitted through the portal.
  • Streamlined the A&R inquiries portal process.
  • Enhanced the portal notification center to include:
    • Details for failed Part B claim submissions.
    • Reminders to change NGSConnex passwords.
    • Availability of inquiry responses for general inquiries and audit and reimbursement inquiries.
    • User access requests pending for our LSOs.
  • Added Medicare provider enrollment revalidation information to the portal under the provider profile so users can see the due date for their next revalidation. When a revalidation application is submitted, the user will also see the received date and status of that application.
  • Enhanced the ‘duplicate claims’ panel under ‘claim status’ to display the billing NPI number and the duplicate claim number when the PTAN and NPI are the same on the claim selected.

Thank you for your feedback and we look forward to continuing to improve your experience in 2024.

Posted 12/28/2023