Medicare Monthly Review Details

An Updated Version of PC Print Will Soon be Available

An updated version of PC Print V9.2 will be available on our website on 1/26/2022. The new version contains the following fix:  

  • Update to log4j file to version 2.17.0 to fix log4j vulnerability.

To download PC Print V9.2, please access the National Government Services website, click on Resources and then EDI Solutions. Once on the EDI Solutions landing page, select EDI Software: PC Print and then Download PC Print.

Please take time on Wednesday, 1/26/2022 to upgrade to the latest version of the software.

If you have any questions or need assistance in downloading the PC-Print upgrade from the EDI Solutions section, please contact the EDI Help Desk:

  • Jurisdiction 6: 877-273-4334
  • Jurisdiction K: 888-379-9132​​​​​​​