Event Summary

Event/Question and Answer Summary

Event Summary

On Wednesday, 10/20/2021, the NGS Home Health Provider Outreach and Education (POE) team hosted the JK/J6 Home Health ACT. The purpose of the ACT is to deliver updates regarding issues and/or regulatory changes in an effort to keep providers up-to-date with Medicare guidelines as governed by the CMS.

The ACT offers providers a setting in which to ask questions prior to and during the call, as well discuss any issues of concern regarding the Medicare home health benefit. The target audience for ACT calls includes any and all home health agency staff, as the information and resources available will apply vastly to this provider type within Jurisdictions K and 6.

Welcome and Introduction

During the introductory portion of the call, NGS welcomed attendees and extended our gratitude in home health agency staff continued diligence caring for our Medicare beneficiaries during the PHE.

  • All updates and renewed home health and hospice waivers and modifications can also be found on the phe.gov website; the home health specific information starts on page 21 of this COVID-19 Emergency Declaration Blanket Waivers for Health Care Providers that was updated by the federal government most recently on 10/7. The link was shared with attendees in the Go-to-Webinar chat box: https://www.phe.gov/emergency/news/healthactions/phe/Pages/default.aspx

NGS then delivered the following update:

  • Most recently we have made significant changes to our website. We ask that providers head out and walk through the new formatting and forward any questions or issues to our J6.provider.training@anthem.com mailbox which was shared with attendees in the Go-to-Webinar chat box. The link to our website was also shared with attendees in the Go-to-Webinar chat box: https://www.ngsmedicare.com/NGS_LandingPage/

Question and Answer Summary

One question was forwarded to the home health staff prior to the ACT for NGS review and comment.

Question: Is the TPE now active for home health agencies in California?

Answer: TPE is now active for all states and territories within the US as per the CMS direction. You can learn more about TPE on our website at NGSMedicare.com in the Medical Review portal.

There were no further questions asked during this call.

Closing and Reminders

Michael Dorris, NGS Jurisdiction Affairs provided the following information to attendees. All links were shared with attendees in the Go-to-Webinar chat box:

As the call was closed, a couple of quick reminders were delivered:

  • Again, the PHE was extended, for more information on the waivers associated with the HH during the pandemic, visit the phe.gov website and review the updates made to the HH portion of the document entitled COVID-19 Emergency Declaration Blanket Waivers for Health Care Providers.

  • Providers were encourage to become a part of our Listserv, and reminded to go onto the NGS website and sign up.

  • Providers were reminded to visit us on Twitter @NGSMedicare for daily updates, information and links to educational information.

  • Providers were reminded that they always have access to our provider mailbox at J6.provider.training@anthem.com as well as our provider call center and that those telephone numbers can be found on our website.

  • CERT is requesting MAC assistance in educating providers on CERT contacts.

    • When the provider needs to submit medical records or passwords associated with medical records they should send to CERTmail@nciinc.com

    • When the provider has questions about a request for medical records or other assistance they should send the request to CERTprovider@nciinc.com

The following information for Medicare University Credits for today’s ACT call were provided:

  • AA-C-06153, J6/JK Home Health and Hospice Ask the Contractor Webinar, 10/20/2021, 21293WASRD1, One Medicare University Credit

NGS thanked providers for joining us and once again for their continued diligence in caring for our beneficiaries during the pandemic. Callers were reminded to remain compliant and stay healthy by social distancing, washing hands frequently and wearing masks in public! 

Posted 10/26/2021