Production Alert Details

RC 34963 – Provider Enrollment Issue

Date Reported:
Date Resolved:
Provider Types Impacted:

Jurisdiction 6 and Jurisdiction K Part A Providers

Reason Code(s):
RC 34963 RTPs
Claim Coding Impact:

Description of Issue

An issue in the PECOS is causing some Part A claims to RTP in error with RC 34963.

National Government Services Action

NGS has confirmed with PECOS that this issue has been resolved.

Provider Action

If the Attending Provider reported by your facility on a claim with RC 34963 (which is in your RTP location TB9997 in FISS) is valid, accurate and in PECOS, and the claim’s through date is not equal to or greater than the Attending Provider’s termination date in PECOS, please PF9 the claim to return it to NGS for processing.

Proposed Resolution/Fix

Resolved 8/30/2023