Production Alert Details

Hospice Informational Unsolicited Response Adjustments - Type of Bill 8XG

Date Reported:
Provider Types Impacted:

Part A hospice providers in Jurisdiction K and Jurisdiction 6

Reason Code(s):
Claim Coding Impact:

Description of Issue

Due to original informational unsolicited responses (IURs) processing not occurring between the timeframe of 8/1/2017 and 4/1/2021, a significant volume of hospice IUR adjustments have been initiated by the common working file (CWF) to determine if a payment adjustment was necessary. Adjustments may or may not have resulted in payment changes.


National Government Services Action

IUR adjustments will be retriggered to the Common Working File (CWF) for the period within the original IUR dates noted above.


Provider Action

No provider action necessary, however, please continue to check for future Email Updates. Adjustments will be initiated in phases to accommodate CWF transmission limits.

Proposed Resolution/Fix

To be announced when all IURs for this situation have been completed.