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Revised: Two Interactive Voice Response System Features Ending 9/30/2023

As of 10/1/2023, the following functions will no longer be available on our IVR; however, we are providing you with alternative options to obtain the same information.

  1. Part A Enrollment Function: Used on the IVR to check the status of your provider enrollment application.

Alternative Option: You can check the status of your enrollment application by using the Check Provider Enrollment Application Status tool on our website.

Through the tool you can check the status of your provider enrollment application (PECOS or paper) submissions via:

  • Case number/web tracker id or
  • NPI and TIN combination
  1. Part B Pricing of procedure codes: Used on the IVR to obtain allowed amounts from the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule.

Alternative Option: To obtain this information, visit the Fee Schedule Lookup Tool located on our website.

The Fee Schedule Lookup Tool is a quick and easy way to determine the allowed amounts for the services you render and so much more. This tool allows you to display or download fees, indicators, and indicator descriptors, as well as the number of global surgical days and the associated RVUs, just to mention a few.

For additional guidance, visit our Fee Schedule Assistance page, which provides access to information about fee schedule definitions and acronyms.

Revised 8/30/2023
Posted 8/30/2023