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Provider Enrollment: Multi-Factor Authentication Requirement for PECOS

CMS will implement MFA for PECOS on 1/3/2022. PECOS will use the same MFA methods as the I&A. Users who have set up MFA in the I&A Management System won’t need to do additional setup for MFA in PECOS.

There’s a 60-day grace period to set up MFA. The grace period countdown starts with a user’s first login after 1/3/2022. By 4/21/2022, all users must access these systems using MFA. To prepare and set up an MFA account, log in to I&A

If you work on behalf of other providers, be sure to enable the appropriate surrogacy connections. Learn how with the I&A Quick Reference Guide.

For more information, view the 11/4/2021 CMS MLN Connects®.

Published 11/16/2021