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National Government Services to Implement the New Advance Communication Engine System

We will be implementing our new NGS-ACE system for all Part B Claims in Jurisdiction 6 (Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota), for all direct submitters as well as those who transmit claims via clearinghouses/billing services, in early 2022. 

There are many benefits associated to NGS-ACE such as improving billing inefficiencies, reduced appeal/reopening requests, decreased denial rates and reduced administrative costs and provider burdens.

NGS-ACE applies business level edits to your electronically submitted claims. The information for the edits are returned on the 277 Claim Acknowledgement (277CA) transaction that you currently receive. This allows you to correct any errors and resubmit your claim before the MCS receives them.

After you have reviewed the NGS-ACE edit, if you choose not to change the claims, you can resubmit in its original format and it will pass to the MCS claims adjudication system for processing. NGS-ACE edits can be identified on the 277CA transaction by the presence of the 2200D and/or 2220D STC12 data element on the 277CA transaction.

Coming soon…stay tuned for more details!

Revised 11/15/2021
​​​​​​​Posted 10/18/2021