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Billing Fascia Iliaca Blocks with 64999

National Government Services is receiving information that does not provide the documentation necessary to process claims for Fascia Iliaca Blocks when billed with CPT 64999. Since this is an unlisted procedure code, documentation to support and identify the service provided is required.  

Be sure to specify whether an injection or continuous infusion was provided, as these services are priced differently. This information may be provided in the NTE Segment of Loop 2400, or Item 19 of the CMS-1500 form. Including this information will eliminate the need for development.  

The pricing for this service includes payment for imaging. Therefore, it is not appropriate to bill for 76942, 77002 or 77003 in addition to 64999. If billed, they will be denied as bundled.

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Posted 5/13/2024