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2024 Telehealth Billing – Item 32 Address Completion Clarification   

National Government Services is providing this article for clarification on the billing of telehealth services; specifically, the completion of Item 32 on the submitted claim.

In previous webinars and Let’s Chat sessions, we shared that when billing POS 10 for telehealth provided to a patient in their residence, Item 32 would include the address of the patient. We have clarified this is not appropriate.

When the practitioner bills for a service provided to their patient from their distant site, the practice location where they provided the service should be added in Item 32. For the remainder of 2024, this may be reported as the practice location for practitioners that are working from their home.

CMS extended the requirement that a practitioner working from their home enroll with that location as a practice location through the end of 2024.

CMS will address any changes that may occur in the 2025 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule.

Posted 1/30/2024