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Fiscal Intermediary Standard System Direct Data Entry Screen Changes – January 2024

The January 2024 quarterly system release was implemented on 1/2/2024 with two minor changes to certain DDE screens.

The following four screens had changes to the DRG CODE field, which was expanded to four digits.

  • DDE Claim page 6 (MAP1716)
  • DDE Menu 01, 11 (MAP1781)
  • DDE Menu 01, 11, then F11 (MAP178B)
  • DDE Menu 01, 11, F8 (MAP1782)

In addition, the screen for DDE Menu 02, All Claim Entry (MAP1711) expanded the monetary digits in the Value Code fields to 43x80.

Providers may need to work with their software vendor/system maintainer to make any updates needed to accommodate these changes.

Posted 1/26/2024