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Protected Health Information and Personally Identifiable Information Email Guidelines

The following information is considered PHI and PII. Note: These lists are not all-inclusive. If additional information is required to research an inquiry, National Government Services will contact the provider/supplier.

The following are examples of identity data information that cannot be sent in an email to National Government Services:

  • Identity data
  • Beneficiary name
  • Beneficiary HICN
  • Beneficiary SSN
  • Beneficiary date of birth
  • Beneficiary address (street, city, county, state and/or ZIP code)
  • Beneficiary telephone Number
  • Provider SSN/TIN/EIN

The following list contains examples of claim information that may be submitted, but the email cannot contain identity data as listed above.

  • Total claim charges
  • Claim payment amount
  • Ineligible payment amount/reason
  • Date of service
  • Revenue code/description
  • Units/types of service
  • Place of service
  • Bill type
  • Discharge date
  • HCPCS code/description/rate
  • CPT code/description
  • Diagnosis code/description
  • Procedure code (ICD-9)/description
  • Discharge status
  • ICN of claim
  • Provider name
  • Provider Medicare number
  • Provider NPI
  • Provider address (street, city, county, state and/or ZIP Code)