CERT Denial Reason Finder

CERT Denial Finder

This tool allows you to quickly identify the outcome of a CERT review. If you disagree with the CERT denial you may exercise your appeal rights by beginning with the first level of the appeal process, which is a redetermination. Note: “No” in the Claim in Error field does not always mean no error.  The Status Review field must indicate “completed review” and the Claims In Error field must indicate “No”, when the claim is not in error. Otherwise, the claim is still being reviewed by the CERT contractor.

To use this tool, enter the CERT claim identification (CID) number in the CERT CID Number field below and select Submit. Select the Reset button to enter information for a new CID number.

Need to Appeal a CERT Denial?

Log onto our secure NGSConnex online Web application and quickly file an appeal. Submitting an appeal electronically saves postage, print and mail costs and is easy to do through NGSConnex.com.

If you do not currently have NGSConnex access, learn more about on the NGSConnex page of our Web site. There are no costs associated with using the NGSConnex web application. All you need is Internet access and an email address. So sign up and start using NGSConnex.com today!