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National Government Services Office of Congressional Affairs Inquiry: Tip Sheet #2

Tips for a Congressional Inquiry to Move Forward Without Delay

Each congressional inquiry includes a ‘Consent for Release’ form of Medicare personal records that include the CMS-required information about the constituent. Below is what is required on your forms:
  • Full name and date of birth
  • Mailing address and telephone number
  • MBI/Medicare number on the red, white and blue card; not the Social Security number
  • Explanation of the problem the constituent would like the congressional office to do
  • Constituent’s signature along with the date
  • For third party inquiries from a family member or attorney, a copy of the POA or written consent from the beneficiary stating specifically to whom Medicare can release the patient’s protected health information is required. For deceased beneficiaries, a copy of the estate paper naming the executor or letters of administration are required. If the request is only for MSNs, they can be mailed directly to the deceased beneficiary’s mailing address.
Finally, CMS has ten regional offices that can assist with Medicare Part C (managed care) and Medicare Part D (prescription drug) congressional inquiries. Try contacting the Part C or Part D plan first to get your issue(s) resolved. Another option is to contact the CMS RO for the region of the state your office is located by clicking on one of the ten regional offices links at the bottom of the CMS regional offices web page.
Tips for a Congressional Inquiry to Move Forward Without Delay Tip Sheet #2
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