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National Government Services Office of Congressional Affairs Protocol: Tip Sheet #1

  • Medicare is changing and we live in a MAC world and this protocol explains the process to help you submit your Medicare constituent inquiries.
  • Today, National Government Services works with 240 members of Congress and staff along with state attorney general offices.

  • The CMS has a ten business-day standard to complete Medicare Part A, home health and hospice and Part B inquiries from members of Congress. CMS authorizes Medicare contractors to conduct this kind of work.
  • Use one of the following methods to send casework to the NGS Office of Congressional Affairs:
    1. Secure fax (best method): 317-841-4518
    2. Mail:
      National Government Services, Inc.
      Office of Congressional Affairs
      P.O. Box 6131
      Indianapolis, IN 46206-6131 
    3. Email:
      (Please do not include protected health information, such as Medicare numbers, within the email.) 
    4. Helpline: 317-841-4489
    5. Part C and Part D inquiries should go to either the plan or to CMS

Note: Please do not simultaneously fax, mail, email or phone your congressional inquiry or send to CMS at the same time. Use only one of the above options to communicate to either the NGS Office of Congressional Affairs or to CMS.

  • Address all congressional inquires to the NGS Office of Congressional Affairs.
  • Acknowledgement of your inquiry will be sent via email or fax within two business days.
  • Original fee-for-service Medicare (i.e., not managed care or drug benefits) congressional cases should go to your Medicare contractor first. If you are not sure, please call the NGS Office of Congressional Affairs to determine where to send your case.
  • Check with your Medicare constituent if they have contacted another member of Congress or their CMS regional office regarding the same issue. If they have, you can call NGS to check the status of that issue rather than creating a duplicate case.
  • With beneficiary inquiries, provide the MBI/Medicare number from the red, white and blue Medicare card rather than the Social Security number.
  • With provider/supplier inquiries, the correspondence to you should be on their letterhead or include a business card, if signed by a staff member. In addition, the last five digits of the Tax ID/Social Security number, NPI and PTAN will help us more quickly expedite your inquiry.
Tip Sheet #1
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