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Introduction to Self-Service Tools and Education for New Providers

National Government Services offers a variety of provider self-service tools. We also provide education tailored to the needs of new Medicare providers and their billing staff, including information that outlines fundamental Medicare policies, programs, procedures, Medicare billing and how to use self-service tools. 

Provider Self-Service Tools Online Access to Medicare Transactions That Can Save Time & Money!

NGSConnex is our online self-service portal that allows you to access and submit information in a secure, protected environment. Every new provider or their staff should register to take advantage of all the features offered including: beneficiary eligibility, claim status, financial information, appeal, and inquiry submissions to name a few. To learn more about creating an account and using NGSConnex, click on Provider Resources > NGSConnex to access the home page or visit our YouTube channel.

Interactive Voice Response System (IVR)

The IVR is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week (though some transactions are limited based on other system’s availability). You will use the IVR to obtain information such as patient eligibility, claim status, deductibles, check information, and other general information. Find your IVR phone number on our website, click on Contact Us and select the Interactive Voice Response System link. To learn more about the IVR, please see the educational opportunities described in the Educational Offerings section of this document.

Our website contains the instructions, information and tools you’ll need for doing business with us.    

  • Email Updates
    • National Government Services maintains a free electronic mailing list to notify you via email of all changes and important, time sensitive Medicare information. Sign up for our Email Updates program today by clicking the Subscribe to Email Updates link under the search box at the top right of our website.
  • Medical Policy Center
    • The Medicare Policy Center contains information about various coverage issues. New providers should be aware of all National Government Services’ LCDs, as well as the CMS NCDs. Click on Medical Policy & Review > Medical Policy Center to access this section of our website.
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
    • Providers are required to submit claims electronically with limited exceptions. Providers are also encouraged to sign up to receive ERA notices. Newly-certified Part A providers should also obtain access to the FISS/DDE Online System. To access enrollment information for electronic products and services, please click on Claims & Appeals > Electronic Data Interchange.
  • Immediate Recoupment of Medicare Overpayments
    • Providers are encouraged to submit a one-time request for permanent immediate recoupment of any future Medicare overpayments. This allows National Government Services to deduct the overpayment amount from future payments for approved to pay claims. This also avoids interest accrual as long as the overpayment is satisfied by the due date. To access information, please visit the Overpayment > Request an Immediate Recoupment section of our website.
  • CMS Website Links
    •  As a newly-certified provider, we encourage you to visit the CMS website to access more resources. You can obtain direct links from our website to important CMS resources by clicking CMS Links in the footer section of our website.

Educational Offerings


The National Government Services YouTube channel provides educational videos for Medicare providers. Enjoy a number of informational YouTube videos published by NGS and CMS including videos on PPW, website navigation, NGSConnex and much more at

Training Events

National Government Services offers educational events throughout the year. All upcoming events can be found in Education > Webinars, Teleconferences, & Events section of our website. New providers and recently hired billing staff should check this section often.

Educational Manuals and Job Aids

Review a wide selection of training manuals and quick reference job aids developed by National Government Services as well as access to key resources on other Medicare-related sites in the Education > Job Aids & Manuals section of our website. We recommend the Fiscal Intermediary Standard System (FISS)/Direct Data Entry (DDE) Online System Manual—a great resource for new Part A Providers.

Medicare University

National Government Services has developed CBT courses in our self-paced education portal, Medicare University (MU). This portal allows you to complete courses at your own pace when it is convenient for you. You can access MU directly at or by clicking the Medicare University link found in the footer section of our website.

Last Modified: 8/18/20
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