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QUESTION: DDE: I tried to access my claim through the FISS/DDE system and it will not let me pull it up. What is the problem?


If you are trying to work a claim that has been returned (TB9997) or adjust a previously processed claim and you are unable to retrieve/select it, you can go back to the Main Menu and choose Option 01 – Inquiries. Once you are on the Inquiries menu, select Submenu 12 for Claims. From the Claim Inquiry screen you can enter your claim information to determine what location the claim may be in. If your claim is in an 'S' location, it cannot be worked by the provider. In addition, you should go back and validate that you are using the correct beneficiary/claim information, e.g., HICN, DCN, etc. Make sure that you are using the correct type of bill, you may have to change the type of bill to be able to access the claim.

Reviewed Date: 12/23/20
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