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QUESTION: DDE: How do I get my log on ID password reset?


Contact the EDI Help Desk and follow the prompts.

  • J6: 877-273-4334
  • JK : 888-379-9132
Option: Select If: Additional Selections/Information:
Press 1 You want to check the status of your EDI enrollment forms
  • Provide the Packet ID (PID), PTAN and NPI
  • Status of enrollment forms* will be available 24 hours after online submission
Press 2 To hear the latest EDI news N/A
Press 3 You want to receive a password reset or account unlock
  • Press 1 for Part A
  • Press 2 for Part B
Press 4 For all other inquiries
  • Press 1 for Part A
  • Press 2 for Part B



Reviewed Date: 6/30/21
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