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QUESTION: DDE: Can a provider view additional development requests (ADRs) via the Fiscal Intermediary Standard System (FISS)/Direct Data Entry (DDE) Provider Online System?


The FISS/DDE Provider Online System functions allow providers to view ADRs online. If a provider is set up to submit claim attachments electronically, the provider will not receive a hard-copy ADR for therapy and ambulance services that are pending in status locations SB6099 or SB6098; they must use the FISS/DDE Provider Online System to identify claims and view the ADR for which National Government Services requires documentation. Providers will not receive hard-copy ADRs for claims pending in status locations SB6099 or SB6098. Providers who cannot submit electronic attachments will see all claims requiring medical documentation in status/location SB6001.

Reviewed Date: 12/23/20
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