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Description of NPI and a Link to NPPES Registry  

As mandated by HIPAA, you should maintain (verify and update) your NPI data via NPPES on a regular basis.

The NPI:

  • is a ten-digit number and must be submitted on the enrollment form
  • will remain with an individual provider regardless of job and location changes
  • is submitted to the contractor for payment

There are two types of NPIs:

  • Type 1 NPIs—assigned to individual physicians or nonphysician practitioners
  • Type 2 NPIs—assigned to organizations, including physician and nonphysician groups, hospitals, nursing homes and corporation formed when an individual incorporates as a sole owner

Important Note: It is vital that any time you are asked to supply your LBN or legal name, you indicate the name exactly as it appears at the IRS or the SSA office, for groups this includes any suffix like PC, PA, LLC, PLLC, Inc., etc.

If you need to verify or make updates to your NPI, visit NPPES website.

If you need help logging into NPPES, contact NPI Enumerator at 800-465-3203 (TTY 800-692-2326).

Description of NPI and a Link to NPPES Registry
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