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Make Necessary Changes to the Existing Enrollment

Instructions for accessing PECOS topics:
  • Login to PECOS
  • My Associates
  • Scroll down under My Enrollment
  • Select “View Enrollment” for applicable enrollment
  • Select Enrollment record (applicable for change)
  • Select More Options
  • Select Change of information
  • Confirm Reason for Application
  • Select Start Application
  • Review and update appropriate ‘Topic View’ section
  • Upload supporting documents (if applicable)
  • Resolve all errors and verify warnings
  • Select Begin Submission
  • Proceed with the Electronic Signature or Upload Certification Process
  • Review and agree to Medicare regulations (Read and answer Attestation questions, if applicable)
  • Verify National Government Services as your contractor
  • Complete Submission button must be clicked to finish application
  • Print your submission confirmation and tracking number

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Make Necessary Changes to the Existing Enrollment
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