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Electronic Data Interchange

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NGS Attachment Resource Tools

How To Get Started – Five Easy Steps

  1. Contact your vendor, clearinghouse or billing service to ensure they support the electronic attachment program.
  2. Review the National Government Services attachment companion guides: NGS X12/HL7 Claim Attachment Companion Guide and 277 Request Additional Information Companion Guide. Send to your vendor or clearinghouse as needed. These guides can be found on our website under the Claims & Appeals tab > EDI Enrollment > Version 5010 Technical Information and Guides.
  3. Download the X12 275 v6020 and 277RFI v6020 TR3’s and the HL7 Attachment Implementation Guide and C-CDA R2.1 guide, if needed. The X12 guides are available at; the HL7 guides are available at
  4. Enroll for the attachment transactions with NGS through the online EDI enrollment tools on our website.  
  5. Contact EDI Helpdesk with any questions.

    J6: 877-273-4334
    JK: 888-379-9132

Participating Clearinghouses and Vendors

The following entities support electronic attachments with NGS. Any of these entities can assist you with implementing electronic attachments and participating in the NGS Attachment Program.

Clearinghouses and Vendors Contact Info
  • Contact: Assigned Technical Service Representative
  • Phone number: 608-271-9000
  • Website:
eSolutions Inc.
Jopari Solutions Inc.
NGS Attachment Resource Tools
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