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NGSConnex User Guide

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View/Print Remittance

If you receive SPRs you will not be able to view remittance statements in NGSConnex.

If you are signed up to receive an 835 ERA or you have elected to view remittance statements through NGSConnex, you may view and print remittance statements that were issued on or after the date you signed up.

Remittance statements are available for up to 24 months from the date of the search.

You are required to complete the EDI Enrollment to view remittance statements within NGSConnex. To sign up to receive ERAs or view NGSConnex remittance visit our EDI Enrollment page.

  1. Initiate a claim search, then click the claim number hyperlink in the Claims Summary panel, to view additional claim details for a specific claim.
Claim Summary panel in NGSConnex highlighting the Claim Number

The Claim Header panel will display and provide an overview of claim details for the entire claim.

Claim header image, showing the claim header details and allowing you to see the remittance advice or go back to the claim.

  1. Click the Remittance View button.
  2. The entire remittance statement that includes the beneficiary and claim selected will display in a new window.
  3. To print a copy of the RA, click Print located in the top upper right-hand or left-hand corner.
  4. Click the X located directly above Print in the upper right-hand corner when finished viewing/printing the RA.
Remittance advice  in NGSConnex with Print and Close icon highlighted

Note: Printing from the Internet browser option will cause an issue with the formatting of the information, may result in the information displaying and printing incorrectly.

View/Print Remittance
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