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Comprehensive Error Rate Testing

The CERT program is designed to determine if Medicare contractors are processing and paying claims correctly.

  • CERT Alerts
  • CERT Program Information
  • CERT C3HUB provider website - On this page you will find:
    • CERT Documentation Request Listings: Printable documentation lists based on provider/billing type available (lists of required supporting documents)
    • CERT Newsletters: Pertinent information from the CERT contractor
    • Sample Letters: Sample record request letters you may receive from CERT documentation center
    • Provider Address Directory: Provider contact information that CERT has for record requests with option to update
  • CERT Tools
  • Documentation Requirements
  • MLN Provider Compliance Fast Fact

MD Signature Requirements

Did you know the MD signature is required on orders for laboratory services, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, therapy treatment plans, and physician progress notes? Also, if signature is not legible you will need to submit a signature key.

Please refer to the following related article for more details:

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