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Comprehensive Error Rate Testing

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CERT Alerts

Month/Year Topic
May 2021
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program Services
November 2020
Patient Discharge Disposition Code
September 2020 Debridement Services
September 2020 Chronic Care Management
July 2020
Total Joint Arthroplasty
May 2020
Botulinum Toxin Injections for Chronic Headaches
May 2020
Home Health Care Requirements for a Plan of Care
April 2020 Chiropractic Services
February 2020 Amending Medical Records
December 2019
Continuous Cycling Peritoneal Dialysis
November 2019
CologuardTM Multitarget Stool DNA Test
November 2019 Prothrombin Time
October 2019 Diagnostic Mammography
September 2019
Prolonged Services
August 2019
No Documentation Received
August 2019
Signature Requirements
July 2019 Annual Wellness Visit
May 2019 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treatment
May 2019 Surgery Services
December 2018 Medication Administration
October 2018 Ambulance Services
July 2018 Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy
May 2018 Anesthesia Services
April 2018 Diagnostic Testing Services
April 2018 Physical Therapy Services
December 2017 Hemodialysis Treatment
December 2017 Psychiatry and Psychology Services
November 2017 Hospital Discharge Summary: Insufficient Documentation Causes Most Improper Payments
October 2016 Bill Inpatient or Outpatient Services
August 2017 Process for Requesting Medical Records
June 2016 Inpatient Psychiatric Certification/Recertification/Delayed Certification
May 2016 Physician Documentation Requirements for Certification of Home Health Care
April 2016 SNF Inpatient Stays
February 2016 Physician Orders to Admit to Inpatient Hospital or for Observation Services
February 2016 Pacemakers and Cardiac Defibrillators
October 2014 Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement
December 2013 Part A to Part B Claims (Rebilling) Submissions
September 2012 Inpatient Hospital Surgery
June 2012 Redetermination/Reopening Requests Online with NGSConnex
August 2010 Appeals Process after Claims Correction or Denial
June 2010 Selecting the Appropriate Principal Diagnosis for Inpatient Services
October 2009 Complete Blood Count with Differential CPT Code 85025
September 2009 Evaluation and Management Codes
February 2009 Diagnosis-Related Group Claims Reviewed for IPPS Providers
January 2009 Therapy Checklist
CERT Alerts
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