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Administrative Law Judge Hearing

The third level of appeal is an ALJ hearing.

  • Time limit to initiate = 60 days from the date of receipt of reconsideration (QIC decision)
  • Time limit to complete the review = 90 days
  • Amount in controversy = $180 (effective 1/1/2021)

Your request must specifically state that an ALJ hearing is desired and the request must be signed.

For complete details on the content required for a request for a hearing, refer to the:

Submit an ALJ Hearing Request

In Writing

In most instances, you will submit your written request to the Division of Centralized Docketing at the following address:

OMHA Central Operations
1001 Lakeside Avenue, Suite 930
Cleveland, OH 44114-1158

However, you should always defer to the address specified in the reconsideration determination you receive. Failure to do so will delay the processing of your request.

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