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FISS/DDE Provider Online Guide: Resources 

Program Function/Escape Key Crosswalk

Program Function Key FISS/DDE <Esc>
F1/PF1 Esc 1 Serves as a “Help” key. Allows you to access information contained on the reason code file about the error received.
F2/PF2 Esc 2 No function.
F3/PF3 Esc 3 Exits you to the menu or submenu. When in a ‘roll-out’ screen, this key will return you to your originating screen.
F4/PF4 Esc 4 Exits the entire online system by terminating the session.
F5/PF5 Esc 5 Scrolls the user backward within a page of screen data.
F6/PF6 Esc 6 Scrolls the user forward within a page of screen data.
F7/PF7 Esc 7 Moves the user back a page, one page at a time.
F8/PF8 Esc 8 Moves the user forward a page, one page at a time.
F9/PF9 Esc 9 “Stores” or “updates” data that has been entered in an entry or update/claim correction type transaction.
F10/PF10 Esc 10 Moves the user to the left of their viewing screen.
F11/PF11 Esc - Moves the user to the right of their viewing screen.
F12/PF12 Esc = No function
FISS/DDE Provider Online Guide: Resources - Program Function/Escape Key Crosswalk
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