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FISS/DDE Provider Online Guide: Resources 

How to Adjust a Claim

To adjust a claim using the FISS/DDE Provider Online System, follow these steps:

Step Action
1 Select the CLAIMS CORRECTION (03) submenu from the MAIN MENU
2 Key the appropriate option number from the CLAIM ADJUSTMENTS directory associated with the type of claim to be adjusted at the ENTER MENU SELECTION: prompt

Valid entries are:
30 – Inpatient
31 – Outpatient
32 – Skilled nursing facility (SNF)
33 – Home health
35 – Hospice
3 Press <Enter>
4 Key in the MID number and dates of service for the claim you want to adjust

Note: Keying in the date of service is optional.
Note: You may have to enter the facility National Provider Identifier (NPI).
5 Press <Enter>
6 Select the claim you want to adjust by placing a "U” next to the claim record under the SEL field
7 Press <Enter>
8 Key in the appropriate claim change reason code in the COND CODE field on CLAIM PAGE 01
9 Press <F8/PF8> to advance to CLAIM PAGE 03
10 Key in the appropriate adjustment reason code in the ADJUSTMENT REASON CODE field on CLAIM PAGE 03
11 Make all appropriate corrections to the claim
12 Press the <F9/PF9> key to store the adjustment
13 Verify that the adjustment was accepted by checking the status/location of the claim on the CLAIM SUMMARY INQUIRY option (01 submenu, option 12)

  • Successfully stored adjustments will appear in STATUS/LOCATION S B2500
FISS/DDE Provider Online Guide: Resources - How to Adjust a Claim
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