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FISS/DDE Provider Online Guide: Introduction

Electronic Submissions

The FISS/DDE system is available through either a leased line connection or dial-up connection using a personal computer and modem. You should have knowledge of your setup since there are a variety of connections available. If the type of setup is not known, check with your facility’s support area first before calling the EDI Help Desk.

The toll-free numbers for the our EDI Help Desk are as follows:

  • Jurisdiction 6: 877-273-4334
  • Jurisdiction K: 888-379-9132

Additional EDI information is available on the Electronic Submissions (EDI) section of the our website. You have access to the following from the Electronic Submissions (EDI) index:

  • Medicare Online System User ID Recertification
  • EDI Enrollment Application Status Tool
  • EDI Help Desk Information/Password Reset/Email Inquiry Form
  • EDI Help Desk Post Call Survey Link
  • EDI Products and Services
  • Enrollment Information
  • Gateway Transition
  • Manuals
  • Options for Acquiring Electronic Submission Software
  • Software
  • Think Green and Go Paperless
  • Version 5010 Implementation
FISS/DDE Provider Online Guide: Introduction - Electronic Submissions
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