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Upcoming Annual Logon ID Recertification

On Monday 7/1/2019, National Government Services will begin the annual logon ID recertification for users who access the California and/or Illinois FISS DDE region.

Any user who currently has access to the Part A California and/or Illinois FISS DDE region will be issued an access code by email. The email containing the access code will be sent to the current authorized email address on file with NGS EDI. All logon IDs will be required to have completed the recertification within 10 business days of the start of the recertification period to prevent having to take further action to regain access.

Any logon ID that has been assigned new or reinstated after 6/24/2019 will not be required to recertify until the following year’s recertification.

Be sure to watch for your email the week of 7/1/2019 and complete the recertification per the instructions provided along with your access code. If you do not receive an email by Wednesday, 7/3/2019 and you are an active California and/or Illinois DDE user whose user ID was active on 6/24/2019, please submit a Recertification Inquiry Form. The inquiry form can be found on our website under Claims & Appeals> Annual Logon Recertification.

NOTE: Please be sure the email address is on your list of allowed senders.

Posted 5/31/2019

Last Modified: 5/31/19
Upcoming Annual Logon ID Recertification
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