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Tips to Find Local Coverage Determinations and Billing and Coding Instructions 

We frequently receive suggestions through our website surveys to make it easier to find LCDs and the associated Billing and Coding articles. All LCDs and associated Billing and Coding Articles are accessible from the NGS website, under the Medical Policy Center. The LCD and article indices provide a link for each document to the CMS Medicare Coverage Database (MCD), where the official versions of these coverage documents are housed.

Important: There are many procedures for which NGS does not have an LCD or article. If you do not find a coverage document for a procedure from searching in our Medical Policy Center, then it may not have a local determination.

This is an example from the index: 

LCD LCD # Billing and Coding # Response to Comments Related CPT/HCPCS Codes
Autonomic Function Testing
Related terms: tilt table, sudomotor
L36236 A57024 A54403 95921, 95922, 95923, 95924, 95943
Biomarker Testing (Prior to Initial Biopsy) for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis
Related terms: N/A
L37733 A56609 A56742 81539, 84153, 84154, 86316, 81479, 0005U

To Find an LCD:

  1. Access the LCD  Index
  2. You may scroll through the list (in alphabetical order by title), or search the list using the title, LCD or article number, or CPT/HCPCS code by doing the following
    • Select ‘Ctrl’ and the letter ‘F’ on your keyboard to open a ‘Find on this page’ search box.
    • Type in your search term, and ‘enter’
    • (Safari [iPhone and iPad] Users instead tap  then tab ‘Find on Pageʼ, type your search term and tap )
  1. Select the applicable link to open the LCD, Billing and Coding Article or Response to Comments from Medicare Coverage Database where the official documents are housed. 

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Posted 4/30/2021

Last Modified: 4/30/21
Tips to Find Local Coverage Determinations and Billing and Coding Instructions
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