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REMINDER: New EDI Front-End Rejection Code for Part A Duplicate Claim Submissions

National Government Services notified providers on 4/12/2019 of upcoming changes to the EDI enrollment process. This will impact providers receiving the Medicare Part A SPR looking to make changes to their current EDI enrollment, as well as providers enrolling for EDI for the first time.

As a reminder, effective 5/13/2019, providers enrolling with EDI for the first time will be required to simultaneously enroll for the ERA. Additionally, providers requesting changes to their current EDI enrollment will also be required to enroll to receive the ERA X12 835 transaction if they are still receiving paper remittances.

This communication addresses detail information and recommendations for submitting an EDI enrollment registration with the May 13 changes:

  • Providers must select the 835 Transaction in the initial registration screens to ensure the 835 ERA will be generated.
  • Providers who do not select the 835 ERA will automatically be set up to access remittances via the NGSConnex Provider Portal.
  • Providers using clearinghouses should contact the clearinghouse in advance of enrolling to confirm the clearinghouse will be prepared to process the 835 on behalf of the provider.
  • Providers will need to be registered with the NGSConnex Provider Portal to review remittances.
  • Delivery of paper remittances to Part A providers will be disabled 31 days after enrollment for either the 835 or NGSConnex.

NGS offers a number of free tools that support converting the ERA to a print image file that looks similar to the SPR.

Information on our free software as well as user guides are available on the EDI Enrollment web page.


Contact the EDI department at NGS for further information on your situation and the availability of ERA for your office.

Last Modified: 5/3/19
REMINDER: New EDI Front-End Rejection Code for Part A Duplicate Claim Submissions
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