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NGSConnex: Initiate and View Confirmation of Part A Quarterly Credit Balance Reports

Did you know as a Part A, HH+H and FQHC provider, you are able to use our secure self-service portal, NGSConnex, to submit your quarterly credit balance report so that you don’t have to mail or fax your report? In addition, NGSConnex also provides you with an instant confirmation of your Credit Balance Report submission.

This feature within NGSConnex can be located by selecting the My Financials mega tab. Once you’re logged into NGSConnex, you will need to select each PTAN and complete the certification submission process separately for each authorized PTAN. In other words, if you would have normally submitted five quarterly credit balance certification pages by fax you would now log into NGSConnex and complete the entry process for each of those five PTANs.

Select the applicable Part A PTAN from the providers list and then select Credit Balance Report from the “Financial Options” drop-down menu and click Go. The Credit Balance Report Submission panel will display and you will then click the New button to initiate the report. This will bring up the Medicare Credit Balance Report Certification page to start the submission process.

Once all information is completed, click the Save button. Your status will change to “Saved, Not Submitted.” Once you are ready to send the information to us, click Submit and after clicking the Submit button, the system will display the date and time the report was sent to us and the status will change to "Submitted" under the Credit Balance Report Submission panel. NGSConnex will also send an automated email confirmation to the registered NGSConnex user, the financial point of contact and the contact person's email address provided.

For step-by-step instructions, watch the ten-minute YouTube video, NGSConnex:Credit Balance Reporting (Part A), to learn more on how to complete credit balance reporting or you can review the NGSConnex User Guide to learn more about this functionality.

Posted 4/28/2021

Last Modified: 4/28/21
NGSConnex: Initiate and View Confirmation of Part A Quarterly Credit Balance Reports
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